Testolone (RAD140)

The main reason why anabolics have such a bad rep is that their negative effects can be very severe. We’re not just talking about gynecomastia a.k.a. Man boobs but also about some serious health issues, e.g. kidney or liver damage. For this reason, the scientific community has long been working on a solution – creating an alternative to anabolic steroids that won’t hurt the users!

If you’re wondering why would the world’s leading scientists focus their research on these substances, we have to remind you that steroids are commonly used in the treatment of cancer and various other diseases. They actually don’t care about bodybuilders, but bodybuilders can definitely benefit from their work. And the work we are talking about here is called Testolone!

What Exactly Is Testolone?

Testolone or RAD-140 is a type of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), which are thought of as a advanced version of testosterone. The reason why they’re considered better than the old-fashioned anabolics is not their potency, it’s their safety. The thing is that SARMs are more selective in their action, meaning that they produce much fewer side effects.

A steroid alternative that’s completely harmless has been a holy grail that the scientists have been searching for. Over the years, they’ve created several types of SARMs that are as close as it gets to the perfect anabolic alternative. And Testolone is considered to be the finest of them all!

What Results Can You Expect from Testolone (RAD 140)?

Testolone was developed in 2010 by a pharmaceutical company called Radius Health, Inc. for the purpose of aiding breast cancer therapy. The reason why this SARM caught the eye of professional bodybuilders is that it’s fantastic when it comes to muscle building.

RAD 140 has basically the same effect on anabolism (muscle growth) as some hardcore steroids like D-bol or Deca. In fact, it’s reported that the users of Testolone experience incredible gains, as much as 10% increase in body weight in less than a month. And we’re not talking about fat or water here, we’re talking about pure muscle!

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Apart from increasing muscle mass, Testolone does to your body basically the same things as regular anabolics, such as:

  • Increases your stamina
  • Enhances your strength
  • Makes your bone tissue denser
  • Burns away fat
  • Promotes brain health

On top of everything, Testolone is also reported to diminish the negative side effects of testosterone. So, if you’ve been using anabolics for a prolonged period of time, Testolone might be what you need to bring your natural testosterone levels in order, as well as to battle many other side effects of steroid use.

The neuroprotective effects of RAD140 are specific to apoptotic insults and dependent upon a MAPK-signaling pathway. In GDX rats treated with RAD140, RAD140 induces androgenic responses in muscle and brain, but not in reproductive tissues. Moreover, RAD140 treatment significantly protects hippocampal neurons from kainate lesion.

Side Effects of Testolone Use?

The list of side effects of anabolic steroids is endless. Hair loss, gynecomastia, testicle shrinkage, and so on. Well, none of those things happen to bodybuilders who use Testolone. At least, no major side effects have been reported.

And RAD 140 has been tested thoroughly in the past few years. Not just in the lab but in the gym as well. According to some bodybuilders who have tried this steroid alternative, Testolone can give you such a surge of energy that you won’t be able to sleep at night if you skip your gym session.

The trick to avoid any possible side effects of Testolone is simply to use it wisely. What we’re saying is that you need to take the right dosage, not stuff yourself with it.

How to Use Testolone?

A great thing about Testolone is that it’s an orally bioavailable substance. What this means is that it’s not taken by injecting it but by drinking it. All you got to do is dilute it in a glass of water and drink it. So, how much Testolone should you take and when?

Although there isn’t a general rule, it’s thought that the best effects are achieved when RAD-140 is taken once every other day in a 20-30mg dosage. Of course, the dosage can be adjusted depending on the weight of the user, their age, fitness level, and so on.

RAD 140 can be used both by male and female bodybuilders, as well as recreationists. The rule of thumb is that women should take a dosage that’s at least two times smaller than the one recommended for male users. In both cases, the recommended length of the Testolone cycle is 12 weeks.

Should You Stack Testolone With Something Else?

The thing about Testolone is that it’s super-powerful. So, there really is no need to use it together with other SARMs or steroids. It can bring you amazing results on its own!

For advanced users though, it’s highly recommended to use it in conjunction with other sarms or anabolics to rip the maximum potentials of this most potent SARM of all on paper.

Also, feel free to add in other sports supplements like whey powder, glutamine, BCAA and others, which have the purpose of providing the building blocks for your muscles. So, not only you’re allowed to take them in combination with RAD 140, but you’re actually advised to take them in large amounts. That way, you’re guaranteed to get big muscle gains after your Testolone cycle.

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Testolone Review: Is This the Real Deal?

We can’t tell you whether you should buy Testolone or not – that decision is up to you. But, if faced with a choice between old-fashioned anabolic steroids and Testolone, we would go with the latter option. The main reason is that RAD140 is much, much safer.

Of course, that’s not the only reason why RAD-140 would be our choice. This steroid alternative is also very powerful and its price is pretty affordable. On top of everything, it’s not illegal like many steroids are, including those commonly used like Dianabol, for example. You can get in trouble by using D-bol, but you got nothing to worry about if your choice is RAD 140.

Because it’s legal, you can find Testolone for sale in many online shops. Just make sure you buy it from a legit online vendor. After all, the internet is full of scammers who are just looking to rip you off.

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