Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677)

What is Ibutamoren (MK677)?

Ibutamoren or Nutrobal (Mk-677) is a growth hormone secretagogue developed by Reverse Pharmacology. A secretagogue is a substance that causes another substance to be secreted. So in this case, Ibutamoren signals the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. One can compare MK 677 to secretagogue peptides like GHRP or Ipamorelin, only that it doesn’t require injections.

Nutrobal works via 4 main mechanisms:

  1. Increasing growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH).
  2. Amplifying GHRH signaling in somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland.
  3. Reducing somatostatin release (somatostatin turns off HGH release).
  4. Inhibiting somatostatin receptor signaling.

Human Clinical Trials

Currently, 3 human clinical trials have been done on Ibutamoren.

  • In a trial studying catabolic states, a daily Nutrobal dosage of 25mg showed a substantial increase in serum concentrations of IGF-1 and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) after only 7 days of supplementation.
  • In a trial studying the effects of NutrobalGF-1 on obesity, subjects were given 25mg of Nutrobal per day for 8 weeks. The subjects saw an increase in basal metabolic rate, lean muscle mass, and serum levels of HGH, IGF-1 and I binding protein-3. However, there was no fat loss (or fat gain for that matter).
  • In a trial studying the treatment of osteoporosis, daily Nutrobal supplementation prevented muscle loss and increased bone mineral density in the elderly.

Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677) Benefits

Benefits of Nutrobal

Aside from a dramatic increase in IGF-1 and human growth hormone levels other benefits of Ibutamoren include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved skin complexion
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Improved healing of ligaments, tendons and bones
  • Increased fat oxidation
  • Improved sense of well-being

Side effects, dosages and half life

Although sold as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), Nutrobal is actually non-hormonal. As a result, Ibutamoren does not affect natural testosterone production or the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis (HPTA). This means that you don’t need post cycle therapy (PCT) after Nutrobal usage. Also, you can safely include Nutrobal into PCTs and bridges between steroid cycles.


Human clinical trials on Nutrobal have been done with dosages ranging from 10-50mg per day. The trials found that although HGH release was no higher at 50mg/day then 10mg/day, IGF-1 increases as dosages increased. This suggests that for general health and fat burning, a daily dosage of 10mg/day is sufficient enough to improve HGH levels and see results. However, if you want to maximize the muscle building effects of Ibutamoren, you should consider increasing your dosage up to a dosage of 50mg/day. As a general guideline, most users find a sweet spot at around 25mg per day.

Side Effects

Read this guide to learn all the known side effects of MK677.

How And When to take Ibutamoren

Nutrobal has a half-life of 24 hours meaning that all you need is a once per day dosage. The time of day you take Ibutamoren is dependent on your goals. If your primary goal is:

  • Fat loss, you should take MK 677 first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to maximize fat oxidation.
  • Muscle building, you should take Ibutamoren before bed to maximize recovery and sleep.
  • Recomposition (building muscle and loosing fat at the same time), you should take half of your daily dosage before breakfast and half before bed each day.

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Stacking Nutrobal

MK-677 can be stacked with other SARMS to get even more profound benefits:

1. Endurance:

Many professional athletes have been busted over the years for human growth hormone usage so naturally, we can deduce that MK 677 would work beautifully for enhancing performance. Stack Nutrobal with Cardarine (GW501516) for a fantastic endurance boosting stack.

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2. Fat loss:

The increase in human growth hormone (HGH) levels that Nutrobal causes maximizes fat oxidation and prevents fat storage. However, you can maximize the effects even further by stacking MK677 with Stenabolic (SR9009), Andarine (S4), and/or Cardarine (GW501516).

3. Mass gain:

MK-677 allows you to gain mass without putting on unnecessary body fat. Stack Nutrobal with Ligandrol (LGD4033) for a fantastic lean mass stack.

4. Overall health:

Nutrobal improves mood, sleep, injury healing, and immune system function. Stack Nutrobal with Ostarine (MK2866) for a fantastic recovery and overall health stack.

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