Stenabolic (SR9009) Review

If you have ever heard the phrase ‘exercise in a bottle,’ then you may have been already unknowingly aware of Stenabolic (SR9009).  Stenabolic is a selective androgen modulator receptor (SARM), which are similar to anabolic steroids but only affect very select tissues.  Steroids do not, impacting the body everywhere for better or worse.  They are capable of creating significant lean muscle mass, but they are treacherous for your organs.  Because of this, Stenabolic is popular among bodybuilders for its tremendous effects without all the concerns.  But where did it first come about, and what does it do inside you?

The History Of Stenabolic And What It Is

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Professor Thomas Burris

The Scripps Research Institute is where SR9009 was developed under Professor Thomas Burris.  It was originally created to monitor the relationship between Rev-ErbA and the circadian rhythm in mice.  The simplest way to understand Rev-ErbA is that it is a protein commonly found in skeletal muscle, the liver, the brain, and adipose tissue.  Circadian rhythm is the process with which our sleep patterns are dictated.  The two blend together to display when mammals perform at their best in physically demanding conditions.  At its core, Stenabolic is a supplement that induces beneficial developments in bodybuilding.

How Does Stenabolic Relate To Muscle Gain?

Because Rev-ErbA is found in fat tissue and muscle, its effects in SR9009 became noticeable.  Simply put, it promotes more effortless fat burning.  Producing increased mitochondria means muscle metabolism is enhanced.  Perhaps even more intriguing, Rev-ErbA manipulates the genes that are related to storing fat by decreasing the amount stored in cells.

What Do The Studies Say?

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Running distance and time until exhaustion in endurance exercise in mice treated with SR9009 (100 mpk for 30 days) (n = 6 per group).

SR9009 was initially tested on mice in clinical trials.  The results showed dramatic increases in rate of metabolism and endurance without incorporating extensive exercise (hence its nickname).  More specifically, decreased fat storage, an increase in oxygen consumption, increase in muscle mitochondria, and fewer new fat cells in the liver were all documented.  Moreover, in less than 2 weeks, tested mice had their cholesterol levels drop.

Should I use Stenabolic for bodybuilding?

SARMs are frequently connected with the acquisition of lean muscle mass, and based on the effects of the studies performed, SR9009 developed a reputation of being a solution to prolonging endurance.  Gym enthusiasts are always looking for a way to cut out the use of anabolic steroids because they are so harmful on your organs.  Even though they have proven effective in aiding muscle growth, ingesting them regularly shrinks your testes and causes irregularities in your heart.  As if that is not scary enough, steroids have negative effects on the prostate, causing its irritation and malfunctioning.  Stenabolic grants individuals who want an edge but without the severity of the side effects a reprieve because it is so much safer.

How Can This SARM Help Me Specifically?

SR9009 has a track record of inducing weight loss with little to no exercise.  This is due to the stimulation of the activity in muscle, including the mitochondria.  There is also a difference in the amount of macrophages present.  Macrophages are big phagocytic cells that are in areas of the tissue that need assistance.  Places like infection are full of them because they remove dead cells.  What it means to the person ingesting Stenabolic is that muscles are operating at full capacity, allowing them to burn calories more efficiently.  The result is you can achieve weight loss at a faster rate.

It is also advantageous for weightlifters that endurance and stamina improve dramatically because glucose oxidation spikes.  Those who take Stenabolic routinely also state that it gives them a more uniform sleep schedule, making it easier to wake up and fall asleep, as opposed to being sluggish.  This again, is because of Rev-ErbA’s effect on the circadian rhythm.

What Are The Side Effects Of SR9009?

The other side of the coin is that Stenabolic can incite insomnia. But this is usually only the case if another supplement is in your diet that is directly clashing with SR9009’s impact on your sleep cycles.  There are no known huge red flags with this PED, but you should never mix it with drugs and alcohol.  An added bonus is that it suppresses testosterone, which competing products similar to this one have proven to do.

What Are The Doses Of Stenabolic And When Can You See Results?

No matter what supplement you ingest, sticking to a schedule is prudent.  That said, it is twice as important with SR9009. Because its effects are fast acting per session.  20mg to 30mg a day is generally the right dose. You should spread it out every few hours to have you reach pinnacle performance and maximize weight loss.  Generally, results are noticeable in the 20 to 30 day range.

How To Get The Most Out Of SR9009

The perfect regiment for Stenabolic is a combination of sufficient sleep, proper dosages, and a clean diet.  It is not something you want to mix with additional components. You shouldn’t skip your doses if you desire your results to maintain consistency.


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SR9009 sounds too good to be true because it is effective without exercise. But that is just an urban legend.  In actuality, it provides your body a shortcut to deliver round, healthy muscles. All that with less extensive workout times and increased levels of stamina without the problems associated with steroids.

Where Can I Buy Stenabolic?

Though used by a plethora of fitness groups, SR9009 has not actually been tested on humans. While it is easy to make the logical leap of reaching similar results that were found in rodents, you should always apply due diligence in learning more about what it will do to your body.  You should ask manufacturers any questions you may have, as they should stand by their supplement’s safety precautions.  You can buy pure Stenabolic at

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